The basic premise of BIE is that STRESS (emotional, physical and environmental) causes the body to develop Intolerances. Thus, by addressing the underlying intolerances in the body, clients are able to achieve optimal health.

The amount of stress on our bodies in this day and age is insurmountable. There is no denying the fact that not only do we have more physical and emotional stress than previous generations, environmental stressors in this day and age play a huge role as well.

Environmental stressors include: cellphone radiations, wifi signals, air pollutants, water pollution, chemicals in food, personal care products, and house hold cleaners. Plus so much more!

An astonishing one out of every three North Americans are affected by food or environmental stressors of one kind or another.

  Syed Alam MD (Aruba), BSc. (Hons.), CNP, ROHP, R.BIE

Syed Alam MD (Aruba), BSc. (Hons.), CNP, ROHP, R.BIE

Our bodies can become intolerant to just about anything out there. It is my job at BIE Health & Wellness to identify the stressors and allow the body to naturally heal itself as it is designed to do!
— Syed Alam

So you may be wondering what are intolerances and how do they develop?

Now thats a good question and needs a good explanation. Generally when individuals think of intolerance they think of only food intolerances, and symptoms could range from mild to moderate cramping, or bloating after eating certain foods.

Well, there is a lot more to it than that.

Intolerance simply means that the body has somewhere along the lines lost the ability to properly distinguish between good and bad substances.

There is a concept known as The Barrel Effect. This refers to the amount of toxic load our bodies can bear. Think of our bodies as a barrel that has a fixed capacity of how much it can tolerate.  If we constantly fill it with toxins, eventually the barrel will be so full and overwhelmed that everything will start to spillover and thats when we see health issues arise.

Everything that our body is exposed to has to be categorized into two categories, good or bad. Our immune system is constantly working 24/7 to differentiate between the two (good or bad), anything that is deemed bad is attacked or excreted by the body. This is when our body is functioning optimally, healing and repairing itself as it is naturally designed to do.

Now if the barrel starts getting full, (from physical, emotional and environmental stressors) the body starts becoming overworked and not able to heal and repair itself as it is naturally designed to do. That's when we start to see intolerances/imbalances to develop.