I am so glad I gave BIE a try. Syed and the service he provides are exceptional. I was experiencing menopausal symptoms having hot flashes, now I can finally get a good night of sleep. He really spent time with me even going over our appointment times sometimes, to make sure I understood everything.
— M. Bano
I developed a sun intolerance two years ago. At first I was confused as to what was going on because I never had any issues with the sun and never used sunscreen in my life. Suddenly I was having to wear big hats and gloves for protection. (I refused to wear sunscreen and lather myself in chemicals). Even 10 minute exposure would leave me in itchy red blisters. With just 3 BIE sessions I was able to go back to normal and enjoy the sun.
— F. Ali
Finding Syed was a God Send. Prior to learning about BIE I suffered for two years, not able to eat anything other than rice and lentils. Everything I ate caused severe acid reflux and digestive issues. I was taking strong pills and had so many side effects. Within 2 months of starting BIE I was back to eating my spicy Indian food.
— Wajidah